Who we are ?

TAISI – The Association of International Schools of India, (now – TAISI and more) was created in 2005 as the first and largest platform in India for international schools to learn from and with each other. Today, TAISI represents an ever evolving community of educators committed to improving the quality of education in India. Topics range from discussions on pedagogical paradigms,teaching tools and techniques, curriculum design, college counseling, leadership strategies, policy development to innovations and technology.

At the core, we focus on professional development and peer-to-peer learning through which we seek to equip educators with tools, skills, resources and the space to reflect on educational theory and practice, preparing us for today and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

What do we do ?

We curate regular, on-going learning events for teachers, leaders and students in the country and abroad. We host conferences, workshops, training, athletic contests and retreats throughout the year. Annually, we curate four fixed learning events :

  • Educators Conference

  • Leadership Conference

  • Students’ Sports Meet

  • Heads Retreat

  • Student conferences

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Workshop Days
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Sport Competitions
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Annual Conferences
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Join a network of peers, who like you, are committed and passionate about transforming student learning. Enlarge your network, enhance your professional skills, practices, and career prospects. Build and nurture your school’s culture of quality education through our membership.

Why become a member ?

We are active on various fronts, most notably in the area of finding answers to all your learning, training, and professional development needs. At subsidized rates, we provide unique, personalized, practical and meaningful training, workshops and conferences focused on the needs of educators, schools and students. We offer certificates and micro-credentials, allowing you and your school to demonstrate the mastery of new skills, knowledge and expertise.

We also offer the prospect of a robust global networking forum. With a reach of over 200+ institutions in and outside India – schools, publishers, technology providers, auxiliary education services, education boards and universities – our presence in the region is ever-growing. As a member, you will be fully integrated into one of India’s leading education communities.

Becoming a member of TAISI not only allows you access to the community, but also the opportunity to be invited to take part in the conference sessions as speakers or facilitators and to contribute to our forthcoming annual TAISI publication.

Our Portfolio

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Skilled Team

Ms. Anuradha Monga

Founder and Chairperson

Jyoti Reddy

Chief Coordinator, TAISI.

Hashim Roowala

Graphic Designer, a Musician & an Educator.

Harini Chheda

Junior Coordinator

Shahbaz Chatriwala

Entrepreneur, Taisi Events & Logistics


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